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bcwd05 · April 10, 2015 · Sin categoría @en · 0 comments

Ampudia, historical monuments in the heart of the Spanish Tierra de Campos, this landmark building of the seventeenth century, one of the best rural hotels in Palencia stands.

Restored by the architect Angel García Puertas keeping materials such as stone, adobe and wood, as well as railings, wrought iron on the balconies and the old press. The result has been the ultimate enhancement stately bearing and the splendor of bygone days. Clear examples of this are the spectacular vaulted entrance to the house, the small chapel where the Abbot fulfilled his religious services and an extensive collection of furniture, paintings and other antique furnishings.

“This is the Casa del Abad de Ampudia , was the home of our family for centuries before it was Abad de Ampudia.

Lovingly restored, without complexes and fears to make it Hotel. It is said that is a charming hotel that guests and visitors are absorbed, delighted, sensory experience that emit their shapes, colors, textures, smells, sounds and of course, its flavors.

Drunk senses of those made from centuries lived by people but very present and absent. La Casa del Abad de Ampudia is the perfect place to feel himself from deep inside, from far away in space and time instead.

You are all welcome to our home, your home. Angel Garcia Puertas “

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